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You are easy to have health problems, tend to suffer unexpected financial losses and have a tense relationship with your family and neighbors. So don't be too fussy in the year. Stepping into which is a year of Earth Pig, you are supposed to bid farewell to the dark year and usher in good luck, but the limited blessing from auspicious stars, only 'Tang Fu', and the adverse effect of several inauspicious stars will make you mentally and physically exhausted.

First of all, any little bit of inattention will lead to health problems. Secondly, you tend to suffer unexpected financial losses and have a tense relationship with your family and neighbors, so don't be too fussy.

Rats can expect a year of career growth and possible romance.

As a result, you should develop a financial plan to make ends meet, and stay away from borrowing, guaranteeing and gambling. For males under the Ox sign, you should pay special attention to women around, and avoid spending on womanizing or having your career affected by private emotion, which may bring you to failure. During the whole year, only the auspicious star 'Tang Fu' will improve your luck for wealth and you will find it hard to make money. Nevertheless, you can still create opportunities for promotion and salary raise through your own efforts.

For ordinary workers, you will have the opportunity to show leadership and get promoted. If you are in the startup, transition or stagnation period of career, you may encounter a lot of emergencies, such as cash flow dilemma, loss of core personnel and crackdown of competitor, so make an emergency plan and develop the ability to respond to PR crisis. If your career is on the rise, take the hands-on approach to the company affairs and follow up step by step to avoid the defeat on the verge of victory.

For example, you will quarrel with and misunderstand each other. Under the adverse effect of 'Bao Wei', you Oxen, especially women, tend to be quite pessimistic in marriage and feel disappointed for what your partners do. Some of you male Oxen even want to have an affair. The constitution is good as long as moderation is practiced. The chances to enhance, improve, or find love run high for the Ox in , the Year of the Pig. Positive: Brave, strong, charismatic, and benevolent.

Tigers are risk-takers and true adventurers. Negative: Impetuous and hot-headed. Tiger and Pig get along well, and this helps boost the overall luck of Tiger in the year , particularly in the people department. While finding a business partner may be in the offing, overall career prospects are not expected to be fabulous for Tiger in the Year of the Pig, so keeping things status quo and waiting for a luckier year to make a change might be the wisest choice.

People luck is good, but Tigers do need to make special efforts to maintain and improve relationships this year. Positive: Tactful, intelligent, caring, considerate, and virtuous. Negative: Pedantic and secretive. These people can appear a little cold and distant at times. Career luck is decent for the Rabbit in the Year of the Pig, although effort needs to be put forth to realize it.

Reaching out to others can help push things along. Money is similar — with effort and networking, Rabbit should do fine in the wealth department, although lucky breaks are not likely. Partnered Rabbits are likely to do well in love in , while singles are happier with their relationship status. Social life is expected to be quite fulfilling this year, and energy levels steady for most of the year, and then building and increasing towards the end of Positive: Successful, proud, lucky, and enthusiastic.

Ox Horoscope 2020 Chinese Predictions

Dragons are determined people and able to inspire others. The Year of the Pig, , is strong for money matters for Dragon. Prospects are excellent, in fact. There may be some problems with your reputation this year, making it wise to be humble and considerate and conciliatory if possible. Love and social life are both expected to fare rather well. Overall, the year of the Pig does favor Dragon, and opportunities to advance are likely to present themselves. The general pitfalls do apply nevertheless, so it makes sense to watch for overindulgence and overspending. Positive: Intuitive, wise, perceptive, and compassionate.

Snakes prefer the finer things in life. In fact, these things are cyclical and years such as this one can be highly useful for laying down the groundwork for future successes. Income is likely to be steady this year, but other money sources may not be. Love can have its ups and downs, and disputes are possible.

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The Snake should look within for answers, or seek guidance and mediation. Positive: Popular, engaging, refined, and persuasive. Horse people are hardworking and independent. Negative: Selfish and unscrupulous. These individuals may be rebellious and shun the advice of others. Fortunately, the Pig and Horse are attracted, and this bodes especially well for Horses in the year , especially for overall luck, but also for people luck. You can be a wonderful mediator this year, in fact. The Horse might thoroughly enjoy helping others who are not having as good a year as them. Money is perhaps their least favored category in , but still very good.

Chinese Astrology 12222 Horoscopes: The Year of the Pig

There are excellent career prospects and opportunities. Love and social life are also expected to be quite fortunate. Many Horses will enjoy a strengthened relationship and others may fall in love this year. Despite all of this, do watch for gossip that gets out of hand. Positive: Sensitive, imaginative, and well-mannered. Negative: Pessimistic and tardy. These people can let others take advantage of them too easily. The Year of the Pig, , is particularly good for money and career opportunities for the Goat. Love is expected to be strong, too, and health is likely to improve.

While there are overall gains this year, Goats should watch for small problems with reputation or procedure. Positive: Very inquisitive, curious, and witty with leadership qualities. Monkeys are popular people. Negative: Deceitful and self-absorbed. These individuals can be childish and drawn to mischief.

Ox Horoscope , Ox Luck Predictions in Year of the Pig

Money opportunities can arise elsewhere, and the advice is to save. In love, Monkeys need to put in more effort. In a stable relationship, he can show his attentive side, but he will not have any original ideas about seducing his other half. This is a realist who lives in the here and now. This is a sign attracted to long-lasting relationships and not made for one-night stands, which are of no interest to him.

All the same, even when in a partnership, he will like to feel free. Try to tie him down and he will feel like a caged lion. Passionate love does not interest the Ox. He prefers to live in the real world and will never be carried away by love's all-consuming passion. He only gets involved in stable relationships once he is certain of his choice. He is faithful, liking a steady partnership and a well ordered daily routine. Generally, he gets very involved in his family life, the family taking precedence over wider social relations.

Even though it is the Year of the Pig, 12222 will be especially challenging for Pigs.

Strengths of the Ox The Ox's main strong point is his serious outlook. He will carry out everyday tasks in a very disciplined way. He will similarly throw himself fully into his work. In the face of problems, those born under the sign of the Ox are good at staying calm. They are tenacious and will do everything to achieve their fixed objectives. With their conscientious and methodical approach, you can give them a job to do with their eyes closed.

The Ox is a very helpful person and if he helps you out, he will not ask for anything in return.

Ox Fortune in 12222

He is always a good listener and will never expect thanks. He is good at earning other people's trust. They appreciate his frankness and straightforwardness. In addition, his charisma and innate warmth inspire confidence.